As we spend more time at home, many of us may find ourselves watching YouTube for several hours before we know it.

So this time, we will be introducing 3 performances by top overseas mandolinists that you can enjoy on YouTube !

The quality of performances by top players is a must-listen.

Enjoy beyond the boundaries of genres such as classical, bluegrass , and jazz!

①Hamilton de Holanda

Amilton de Holland, Brazil's top player.

He uses a 10-string, 5-course bandolin ( mandolin in South America), and is considered a leading expert in that field.

He is known for his performance that combines the Brazilian music of choro and jazz, and his transcendental technique will shock the listeners!

②Chris Thile Chris Thile

Chris Thiley is a mandolinist representing the United States , the home of the flat mandolin .

Although he is a bluegrass musician, his style that incorporates elements of jazz and classical music is extremely popular.

The video is a duo with bassist Edgar Mayer.

Enjoy the performance of top-class mandolin and contrabass players!

③Avi Avital Avi Avital

Lastly, we will introduce Avi Avital, who is popular among Japanese mandolin fans!

Born in Israel , he is also a well-known Grammy- nominated mandolinist.

He has performed multiple times in Japan, and in 2018 he performed with the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra .

The distinctive instrument is the work of Israeli luthier Arik Kerman. Many Israeli players seem to use this instrument.

What did you think?

It may not be a genre that Japanese mandolin fans are very familiar with, but that's why I hope it will surprise and move you even a little.

Until the end Thank you for reading!

Author: Ken Natori