Inside the Ikegaku store

Ikegaku Co., Ltd. is a store specializing in mandolins and classical guitars.
We support your music life. Please feel free to contact us regarding sales of musical instruments, repairs, ordering of related supplies, and other general matters related to performance activities.
The location is 5 minutes walk from the west exit of JR Ikebukuro Station, near the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater. We look forward to your visit.

[Business hours] Mondays, Wednesdays to Saturdays 11:00-19:00, Sundays and public holidays 11:00-18:00
[Closed] Tuesdays (open on public holidays)

Message from the President
President of Ikegaku Co., Ltd.
Ikegaku Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President
Futoshi Horinoe

We believe that music is essential to life, as it provides healing, vitality, and enrichment to the heart, regardless of the era.
The mandolin, which we specialize in, is one of the easiest musical instruments to play regardless of age.

There are many mandolin clubs in junior high and high schools in Japan, and I feel that the club's activities, the passion the members have for music, and their serious and diligent lifestyles make it a very suitable instrument for emotional education. Masu.

We are confident that spreading the mandolin culture will lead to social contribution. Although the mandolin originated in Italy, Japan has become the world's largest country for mandolin enthusiasts, with many junior high school, high school, university, and adult clubs playing the instrument. It can now be said that Japanese culture can be proud of to the world.

We are proud to be involved in music culture, and would like to expand and develop this culture and spread the wonders of the mandolin from Japan to the world.
We will continue to carry out this business with all our heart, so that as many people as possible can experience mandolin guitars, and we will take over the business with the goal of becoming a specialty store that will last for 100 or 200 years.

To this end, we have established a philosophy and are working to develop human resources who can be trusted by our customers by holding in-house study sessions, external seminars, and cross-industry joint study sessions. All of our staff members are working diligently to create a company that our customers can use with peace of mind.

<Management philosophy>
Bringing the smiles of music, the happiness of music, and the joy of music to the world! Let's believe in the power of music! This is us at Ikegaku

Trade name Ikegaku Co., Ltd.
main office 2F Ashizawa Building, 3-23-5 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 171-0021
TEL: 03(5952)1391
FAX: 03(5952)1392
Founding June 17, 1997
capital 10,000,000 yen
Business content Mandolin Sales (Ochiai Handcrafted Mandolin Nationwide Distributor/Color Che Mandolin Distributor/Kawada/Togashi/Ishikawa/Miyano/KANADE/Eastman/Prestri/basicO/Old, etc.)
Classical guitar sales (Sakurai Kono/Tetsuro Kurosawa/Tsujiwatari/Asturias/Aranjuez/Kodaira/Altamira, etc.)
Other general musical instrument sales Sheet music sales
CD Sales Performance Supplies Sales Mandolin Class Instrument Repair/Maintenance Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission Antique Dealer Permit No. 305501406268
Suppliers Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Ikebukuro Branch
financial institution Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Nishi Ikebukuro Branch Mizuho Bank Ikebukuro West Exit Branch Sugamo Shinkin Bank Ikebukuro Branch