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At Ikegaku, we provide information on concerts related to <mandolin/classical guitar> on our website.

There are no publication fees, so please feel free to use it.

◇How to register◇

Please send us your concert information using one of the methods below.

Part 1. Please send the flyer data (PDF file recommended) by email. (Ikegaku email address: info@ikegaku.co.jp)

Part 2. [Concert information registration form] ←Click here to download. Please fill it out and send it by email.

Part 3. Please bring the flyer to the store or mail it to us and let us know that you would like it to be featured.

*The prefecture name in [ ] above the group name represents the prefecture where the venue where the concert will be held. Please note that this does not indicate the activity base of the organization.

Example: [Tokyo] ○○ University Mandolin Club

→○○ University Mandolin Club's concert will be held at a venue in Tokyo.