mandolin reuse
(Used consignment sales) information

Ikegaku's thoughts on reusing

Currently, the price of a new mandolin is about twice what it was 20 years ago due to rising raw material costs.

At Ikegaku, we would like to encourage as many current club members as possible, those who want to start playing the mandolin, and those who belonged to a mandolin club during their student days and want to start playing the mandolin again. We work every day with the idea that we want our customers to feel "joy" and "enjoy life with their mandolin to the fullest."

“Is there a way to provide a good instrument at the lowest possible price in order to maintain and develop mandolin culture?”
Based on this idea, we started the mandolin reuse service.

If you have an unused instrument, please help us develop mandolin culture!

With your help, we would appreciate it if you could share with current mandolin players the ``joy of owning your own instrument'' that every mandolin owner feels.

We are especially looking for musical instruments priced between 50,000 yen and 100,000 yen!

Ikegaku will sell your precious mandolin on consignment.
Manufacturer and year don't matter!
*Depending on the condition or other reasons, we may not be able to handle it.
* A minimum price of 50,000 yen ( excluding tax ) will be accepted.

-Contact information-
TEL: 03-5952-1391

Reused instruments currently in stock

It is published on the Ikegaku Internet Shopping Site .
You can place your order directly from the shopping cart.
We also accept orders by email or phone.

For customers who want to leave their instruments with them
Features of Ikegakuri Youth

Ikegaku handles all the troublesome money transactions and instrument maintenance on your behalf.

I gave away my instrument, but I haven't received the money yet. However, since we are members of the same organization, it is difficult to charge...

"The instrument I was given to me isn't working properly. But since it was given to me, it's hard to tell the person..."
There is no need for such worries! This is an easy way to sell by just leaving it at Ikegaku.
Would you like to sell your musical instruments stress-free?

The sales amount is determined by the customer.

As a general rule, we will sell at the sales amount requested by the customer.
“I want to use it as a down payment on a new instrument.” “It’s an instrument I was planning to throw away, so I don’t care how much it costs.”
"We want students to know the joy of having their own musical instrument, so we've made it affordable even for students."
There are various ways to determine the amount depending on the customer. Of course, "I can't even imagine the sales amount!"
We also accept consultations with customers regarding the approximate selling price of their musical instruments.
Please feel free to visit us.

Once the sale is completed, we will pay 70% of the sales price (excluding tax).
We will pay the customer.

For example, if we were able to sell the instrument you left for reuse for 100,000 yen (excluding tax), we will pay you 70,000 yen.
If you have a mandolin at home that you don't use, please feel free to contact us.
If you keep it at home, it costs 0 yen, but if you can sell it, it might be worth around 70,000 yen !

For customers who want to own reused items
Features of Ikegakuri Youth

The ``opportunity'' to start a new hobby called ``music''
You can have the fun of owning your own musical instrument at a low price.

I want to start learning music, especially the mandolin, but new ones are expensive...
We accept orders for reused mandolins from a minimum price of 50,000 yen.
It is very likely that you can get a handmade mandolin at a low price.
Would you like to have your own musical instrument and live a more fulfilling musical life?

Because it is a ``instrument that has been played,'' you can get an ``instrument that sounds immediately.''

Most of the mandolins have been played well and are in a state where the sound resonates from the beginning.
“I want an instrument that makes a sound from the beginning” “I don’t have the confidence to develop a new instrument now”
For such customers, reused products are highly recommended!

Please check the actual instrument by actually playing it.
You can take back what you are satisfied with.

Ikegaku's reuse allows you to try out the actual item from the perspective of wanting you to use it for a long time if you are satisfied with it.
Although it is a reused product, we feel that the event of purchasing a musical instrument is a very big one for our customers.
Would you like to try ``fail-free shopping'' at Ikegaku?

Consultations regarding after-care after your purchase are also available.
I will be in charge of it for the rest of my life.

At Ikegaku, we believe that the true beginning of our relationship is after you purchase an instrument.
We deliver products with the idea that we will be with you for a lifetime, as long as musical instruments exist.
For reused products, we have a repair system in place so that you can use them with confidence as long as the instrument exists, so please feel free to use it even after you purchase it!

~Flow of mandolin reuse~

1) Please bring your musical instrument to Ikegaku. Manufacturer, year, etc. do not matter.
Please bring your ID with you on the day.
Example) Driver's license, insurance card, passport, alien registration certificate, etc.

[ If you wish to have the item shipped, there are some points to note, so please be sure to consult with us in advance. ]
① We will explain the important points to consider when packing to prevent your instrument from getting damaged during shipping.
② We will send you a "Consignment Sales Application Form" , so please fill it out in your own handwriting and submit a "copy of your ID" *One that falls under the above example .
"Copy of residence card" * Copying is not allowed . Please enclose the original received by the administrative agency.
③Please bear the shipping costs (shipping and return).

2) Please let us know your desired sales price.
You can decide the amount you want.
* The minimum amount is set at 50,000 yen (excluding tax).
If we are unable to sell the item for this amount (e.g., the price at the time of purchase was low, the condition has deteriorated due to cracks, changes, etc.), we may not be able to accept consignment sales.

3) We will replace the strings when you leave the item with us, so you will be charged the actual cost of the strings .

4) The consignment sales period will be 6 months .
*Please note that we will not be able to return instruments during this time.

5) If we are able to meet a new owner during this period, we will pay 70% of the sales price .

*If the contract is not concluded even after the sales period has passed, we will return the instrument to you.

-Contact information-
TEL: 03-5952-1391